Natural Bio Argan Oil In Morocco North Africa

👀 Definition : Natural Bio Argan Oil in Morocco

Goats climbing Argan tree on road to Essaouira Morocco


The Natural Bio Argan Oil in Morocco is very rare to find as you want it to be. Thanks to its  rich concentration of vitamins and minerals. No wonder they name it the Moroccan “liquid gold”. In addition Argan trees can only grow in one particular area of the world, near Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Moreover It is renowned in the health and beauty industry for its incredible moisturising properties and has a number of wider uses.

Why  the Natural Bio Argan Oil in Morocco is so expesive ?


The Argan trees can’t survive anywhere else which in the world, is why argan oil can be very expensive. Whilst some places use the seeds that the goats pass to bring the price down, the women at this cooperative pick the fruit and retrieve the seed by hand, that way, the seeds keep more of their nutrients and it becomes certified argan oil.

how do berber women works the agran ?


First they separate the skin from the seeds. The berber women sat together on the floor using a rock to crack the nut and then peel off the skin (which is then given to the goats and camels as food.) The nut then goes on to another section where there is more hitting it with a rock until the shells comes off leaving the argan seed inside.

How to find the Natural Bio Argan Oil in Morocco BEAWARE ⚠️



Most of tourists in Morocco they get scammed by unknown sellers in the main square of Marrakech or other cities. Especially those who want to get a huge quantity of this product, as they attract visitors  with  very cheaper costs. In addition there ‘re some of them who buy the fake Agran oil with high price of the bio one.

To buy the real and  100% bio Argan oil, you need to  get it outside of the cities, from the local berber women. In somewhere at the high atlas or on your way to Essaouira, There a plenty of cooperatives that offers the best quality.Moreover, if you’re looking for a huge  quantity they ‘ll offer you a very interesting discout. At the same time, you will see how this product made.

Its a great thing to support the Women all over the world, your payment is a part of their little income to feed here and take car of her family.

The average prices of Real and  Bio Argan Oil in Morocco:

  1. 100ml  : 25 US $
  2. 1 L  : 235 US $
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Natural Bio Argan Oil
Natural Bio Argan Oil